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Dear Friends,

Recent natural disasters have devastated a huge stretch across the state of Texas and the Gulf region.  At Concordia in San Antonio, we are partnering with a broad coalition of LCMS congregations to get help to the people who need it most.  If you’d like to join our efforts, you can assist in a couple of different ways.

By Giving
Concordia has established the J2e3 Disaster Relief Fund to help affected communities. **100% of the funds collected will be passed along to those in need.** If you’d like to donate through Concordia, CLICK HERE and enter any dollar amount next to “J2e3 Disaster Relief.”

You can also make a donation to the Disaster Relief Fund of the Texas District, LCMS.  Like Concordia, the District has also pledged that 100% of the funds collected will be applied to those in need.  You can CLICK HERE to make a donation through the Texas District.

Please be aware that most agencies that receive gifts for disaster relief keep a percentage of what is received for administrative costs. 

By Serving
Other than first responders, local volunteers, and residents, most people are not able to enter the most affected areas at this point.  However, there will be needs in the future for the communities impacted by these disasters.  If you’d like join in the efforts on the ground to serve these communities as opportunities present themselves, CLICK HERE and provide us with some basic information so we can reach out to you when there is a specific need near you.

I am so grateful for your generosity in time and treasure as, together, we work to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters.  Thank you for shining like stars in the universe as you hold out the Word of life!


Pastor Bill Tucker


**Donations to Concordia Lutheran are tax deductible.  In addition, 100% of all gifts received for the J2e3 Disaster Relief fund will be used solely for the purpose of providing relief, assistance, supplies etc. for those affected by recent natural disasters.  We recognize that assistance may need to go on for some extended period of time.  In accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Donor Bill of Rights, no funds given for this purpose will be used for anything not associated with or related to these disaster relief efforts.